Let Us Pray official supporters sign letter to PM opposing ‘conversion therapy’ law

13, May 2024

Three of Let Us Pray’s official supporters have put their name to a letter to Rishi Sunak, calling on him to oppose any plans for a conversion therapy law.

On Wednesday 15 May, the Government’s Criminal Justice Bill is to begin its Report Stage. A large number of amendments are likely to be considered at this stage, including Alicia Kearns’ New Clause 90 (NC90) on ‘conversion therapy’.

This proposed amendment could see innocent Christians and loving parents given unlimited fines by the courts, for failing to affirm LGBT ideology. Read our recent blog to find out more.

Letter to the PM

Writing to the Prime Minister, church leaders from across various denominations explained that: “Far from targeting abusive practices - which are thankfully already illegal - many of those calling for a new law have expressed a desire to curtail the practice of normal Christians such as ourselves”.

The letter was co-signed by Bishops, Moderators, Directors of church networks and Senior Pastors.

They added: “Christianity has always taught that God designed human beings male and female, and established marriage as the lifelong union of one man and one woman, within which children can be born and nurtured. Therefore it is our duty as Christian ministers to teach, urge and assist people to tell the truth about their birth sex, to be sexually abstinent outside of the marriage of one man and one woman, and to be faithful within it.

“And yet fulfilling this duty would be criminalised by a ban on ‘conversion practices’. Christian ministers like us, carrying out ordinary Christian ministry, teaching ordinary Christian virtues, would inevitably fall foul of a law against ‘changing’, ‘negating’ or ‘suppressing’ the identities of the ‘LGBTQ+’ movement. All supposed protections for religious belief which have been proposed will have no real value if legislation is formulated in this way.”

Let Us Pray official supporters

Three of Let Us Pray’s official supporters have signed the letter. They include Revd Dr Matthew Roberts (Minister of Trinity Church York and former Moderator of the International Presbyterian Church); Revd Graham Nicholls (Pastor at Christ Church Haywards Heath and Director of Affinity); and Revd Raymond Brown (Senior Minister of East London Tabernacle Baptist).

Matthew Roberts said: “The Christian view of marriage, sex and identity is profoundly good for all of society, yet within days we could see MPs consider criminalising people for upholding it.”

He continued: “The Cass Report has shown that it is all too easy for society to get these things wrong, pushing children and vulnerable adults towards harm and hardship. Now is the time to allow space for all voices to be heard – including those of ordinary Christians and concerned parents.

“Many people will be confused by use of the term ‘conversion practices’. Christian practice is all about conversion. This appears to be a deliberate attempt to confuse genuine abuse with the ordinary work of churches.

“Those advocating for a new law say this is all about protecting people from harm, but they cannot explain where the current law falls short. It is clear that, in truth, no new law is needed.”

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