Hello to our first 1,000 supporters!

28, October 2021


We here at Let Us Pray have been really encouraged by the messages of support we’ve received since our official launch on Tuesday.

We’re especially delighted that nearly 1,000 people have signed up to support our campaign in just two days.

(You, dear reader, can do the same by hitting the “join the campaign” button at the top of the page.)

We’ll be keeping our shiny new supporters bang up to date by email, Facebook, Twitter and, of course, this blog.

Look out for news on the Government’s consultation on its plans to outlaw conversion therapy, expected any day…

And, for those of you who pray (probably quite a lot of you, given the name of our campaign), do ask God to give wisdom to Government Ministers and civil servants working on this tricky issue. Pray a blessing also on those who disagree with us. And pray for those of us at Let Us Pray that we’ll do a good job in representing you, our supporters.

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