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15, October 2021

Do you think praying should ever be a crime? Most people would say 'no'. Whatever we might think of someone else's beliefs, calling for people to be locked up is pretty extreme.

The Let Us Pray campaign is here to defend the ordinary work of churches from an excessively broad 'conversion therapy' ban that could mean exactly this.

We want to protect the freedom of Christians to teach and practise their beliefs.

Christians believe in marriage between a man and a woman as the only context for sex. This belief is mainstream, biblically-based, long-standing, and implies no malice towards anyone.

This belief is also protected by human rights and equality law. In the workplace or in the marketplace, if you discriminate against someone for holding this belief you might be breaking the law.

If the Government were to criminalise the expression of this belief, it would be in breach of its obligations under the European Convention on Human Rights.

So LGBT activists who demand a ban on prayer, preaching and pastoral advice that doesn't comply with their orthodoxies, are demanding something that is against international law.

No-one denies that some people who identify as LGBT have been mistreated in the past and are sometimes mistreated today. As Christians, we condemn abuse of every kind. And we welcome LGBT people into our churches, just like we welcome everyone else.

So if there are pseudo-medical abuses being perpetrated against people in the UK today then they should be tackled by the authorities. And if there is a gap in the law, Parliament should legislate.

But politicians should be wary of activists exploiting concerns about abuse to further their own agendas against Christians.

The Let Us Pray campaign will be speaking up for ordinary churches and ordinary Christians who just want to get on with living out their faith.

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