General Election: what party manifestos say about ‘conversion therapy’

13, June 2024

As the UK prepares itself for the General Election on 4th July, we take a look at what each political party is saying about ‘conversion therapy’ in their manifestos.

Below are the commitments made by each political party, listed in alphabetical order.

Comments included in manifestos are included below - parties may have said more elsewhere.


No mention of conversion therapy.

Find the Alba manifesto here.


"Alliance MPs will continue to advocate for:
An immediate trans-inclusive ban on so-called Conversion Therapy, without loopholes, that extends to NI."

Find the Alliance manifesto here.


“Attempts at so-called ‘conversion therapy’ are abhorrent. But legislation around conversion practices is a very complex issue, with existing criminal law already offering robust protections. The challenges involved can be seen, for example, with the SNP re-consulting for views on their proposals in Scotland and Sweden recently concluding that they will not be pursuing a similar ban. In light of the Cass Review Final Report, it is right that we take more time before reaching a final judgement on additional legislation in this area.”

Find the Conservatives manifesto here.

Democratic Unionist Party (DUP)

No mention of conversion therapy.

Find the DUP manifesto here.

Green Party (England and Wales)

No mention of conversion therapy.

Find the Green Party manifesto here.


“So-called conversion therapy is abuse – there is no other word for it – so Labour will finally deliver a full trans-inclusive ban on conversion practices, while protecting the freedom for people to explore their sexual orientation and gender identity.”

Find the Labour manifesto here.

Liberal Democrats

“Ban all forms of conversion therapies and practices.”

Find the Liberal Democrats manifesto here.

Plaid Cymru

“Plaid Cymru would end so-called conversion therapy practices related to sexuality and gender identity.”

Find the Plaid Cymru manifesto here.

Reform UK

No mention of conversion therapy.

Find the Reform UK manifesto here.

Scottish Greens

"Scottish people are known the world over for their warmth, friendliness and generosity - and when we have the power over our own affairs, we put these values at the heart of our politics...

The Scottish Greens have led the way on many of these changes, including:

...Progressing a real ban on conversion practices for LGBTQIA+ people, which try to change or suppress someone’s sexuality or gender identity."

Find the Scottish Greens manifesto here.

Scottish National Party (SNP)

No mention of conversion therapy.

Find the SNP manifesto here.

Sinn Féin

No mention of conversion therapy.

Find the Sinn Féin Manifesto here.

Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP)

"Working alongside the SDLP Opposition at Stormont, SDLP MPs will:

Ensure a comprehensive ban on conversion practices".

Find the SDLP manifesto here.

Social Democratic Party (SDP)

No mention of conversion therapy.

Find the SDP manifesto here.

Traditional Unionist Voice (TUV)

No mention of conversion therapy.

Find the TUV manifesto here.

Ulster Unionist Party (UUP)

"We support banning the practice of conversion therapy"

Find the UUP manifesto here.

Workers Party of Britain

No mention of conversion therapy.

Find the Workers Party of Britain manifesto here.

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