Stonewall calls for trans affirmation in nursery schools

25, July 2022

Stonewall has claimed that “children as young as 2 recognise their trans identity”. In the same tweet they continued: “LGBTQ-inclusive and affirming education is crucial for the wellbeing of all young people!”

It shows the sort of thinking that lies behind the calls for a ‘conversion therapy’ ban (Stonewall is, of course, a major backer).

Law-makers in the UK should be doing everything they can to protect freedom of speech on crucial and controversial issues such as this. How many of them would want their own children, aged just two, being encouraged to think they may be another gender at nursery school?

Stonewall has since been forced to admit they “don’t actively work on nursery education” (isn’t that a relief!) But their tweet does reflect perfectly how LGBT activists think. Are legislators playing into their hands?

Banning ‘conversion therapy’

Many will be thinking: ‘what does conversion therapy have to do with children in nursery schools?’ You’re right to wonder.

Until recently the term ‘conversion therapy’ was used to refer to horrific practices like electro-shock therapy, ‘corrective rape’ and pseudo-medical treatments. Banning these would make sense if they are still taking place legally in the UK.

But not only do LGBT activists want to criminalise such abusive and coercive practices, they also want the law to prevent dissent from their radical worldview. As the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) explained, there is a real chance the ban could have “unintended consequences”, including limiting freedom of speech and harming children.

It means Christians who hold to the Bible’s teaching on sexual ethics, feminists who disagree with gender ideology, and loving parents are all at risk of being criminalised if they don’t back Stonewall’s views. Against the backdrop of ever more repressive calls from activists, the EHRC felt it necessary to say: “This offence should not capture communication such as casual conversations, exchanges of views or private prayer, with the distinction defined clearly in the legislation.”

But that is precisely what activists demand.

Children aged 2

It was unbelievable enough when, several months ago, the UN ‘Independent Expert’ Victor Madrigal-Borloz claimed children aged between two to six could understand their transgender identity. He implied they should be affirmed and given medical treatment to live as their preferred gender.

But children this age could never understand the cruel truths of transgender treatment. Experimental drugs and lifelong medicalisation should not be encouraged for anyone, let alone vulnerable children.

Just last week, we reported on the Spanish Government’s decision to enforce affirmation of children’s self-identified gender identity. And earlier this month, we reported on WPATH’s draft guidance for transgender health, which reportedly advises that mastectomies should be available for girls aged just 15.

Stonewall’s backing for these repressive ideas is terribly sad. Despite controversies over recent years, they still have the ear of influential people in Government and big business. Why anyone would think these policies are a good idea is hard to fathom. But we can be thankful the public is increasingly in agreement that this ideology goes much too far.

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